Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Guilty, Guilty, Guilty (Not)

I have no idea whether Michael Jackson committed any acts of which he should be ashamed, and I don't really care. I must presume that parents knew what they were doing when they let their children sleep over at Neverland without their supervision. If they were so incautious as to think that it was all innocent fun, be it upon their heads and hearts. Celebrity should be no excuse for throwing caution to the winds, especially latterly after there had been sufficient warning signs to alarm anyone with common sense. As for Michael, let us hope that he has, at long last, learned a valuable lesson - there are some behaviors that the authorities will not tolerate.

Here's a different type of maze. I haven't seen anything like this anywhere else, although in all the wide world I'm certain that others must have had this idea. Nevertheless, you saw it here first.

You are an infiltration agent whose cover, unfortunately, has recently been blown. You are being closely pursued by the internal security forces of the country to which you have been detailed. Needless to say, if you are apprehended, affairs shall not go well for you.

You run down an alleyway and pause by the rear door of a newly constructed building. Hearing growing sounds of pursuit, you try the handle and discover that the door is unlocked. You duck inside and quietly shut the door.

You are confronted by a series of unfurnished, interconnected rooms. Your mission is to find your way through the maze and make your escape through the front door of the building, where a confederate is waiting who will whisk you to safety and procure for you a new identity.





I hope you will forgive my bit of whimsy.

Aconcagua has fallen out of the box now, so there are 3 chicks scurrying about on the walkway. They are keeping each other company, and none seem able to fly quite yet. More news later.

Lastly, in remembrance.


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