Sunday, October 23, 2005

Bon & Mals' Sunday Puzzle Page

Bonnie is thrilled that LeAnn has been solving 'Rungs', and has actually sent in a solution. As so often seems to happen, particularly with a puzzle like 'Rungs', alternate answers can be discovered; such was the case in this instance. First, Bonnie's answer, and then LeAnn's.

SWEET                SWEET              

SWEEP               TWEET

SHEEP                TWEED

CHEEP                TREED

CHEEK                BREED

CREEK                BREAD

CREAK                TREAD

CREAM                DREAD

DREAM                DREAM

Congratulations to LeAnn; stop by and say hi to her.

I am standing in as guest puzzler this week; Bonnie has been more than ordinarily busy, and has also discovered a new, favorite type of puzzle: you may have seen it in USA Today or the new, larger version of TV Guide (free subscriptions appreciated!) - it's called Sudoku; Bonnie says she has heard mention of them on tv, and thoroughly enjoys them, so nothing will do but that I sit down and teach myself to construct them, so that Bonnie will have a continual supply of them.

After I had managed to construct a few, a thought occurred to me - I could personalize these puzzles for J-landers by placing a name in the puzzle grid and adding a little anagram that refers to the person in some way. I am beginning with visitors to our journal, in no particular order; if you are reading, you will eventually see a puzzle devoted to you.

This inaugural puzzle is dedicated to someone who is undergoing surgery - Bonnie and I wish her the best of luck and a speedy recovery.

This is the way the puzzle is solved: each row, column, and block of nine small boxes must contain one each of the nine listed letters. When solved, the puzzle will contain a J-lander's first name. For extra points, you may solve the anagram - in this case, the person's first name and the name of her journal.

I hope I have explained this clearly; if not, send us an email with any questions and we'll be happy to clarify. My chief consultant, official tester and rater gives this puzzle a rating of 5.

Happy solving and may the coming week bring you the best.




dbp2000 said...

I love Sudoku!  And the puzzle you have created looks like fun.  Thanks!


jcrazytrain said...

my head hurts I am too blonde for that one LOL D

louie0768 said... two are great. I have a whole book of Sudoku. Like I said to you previously, the times I'm not on the computer playing word whomp or reading and purusing the web, I sit on my couch doing puzzle books. I do the logic problems, those are good for thought too. flower power, fill-ins, all sorts.

I will have to work on this one that you created. This is great. Keep it up.

Oh, and thanks for the props......LeAnn

mymaracas said...

Wow, a neat new puzzle! Thanks so much for sharing. I'll have to print these out and fiddle with them in odd moments. Looks like fun!

gdireneoe said...

AWW!  Thank you, you two!  I scrolled back to here from your most recent entry.  I LOVE these puzzles!  Anything to work the brain is fun.  Thank you...I'm scrolling on. ;)  C.