Sunday, October 16, 2005

Night-Owl Props

The fire is burning low, but the tea is still hot and our eyes are still open, so we'd like to say hail and hello to another visitor, Donna of the journal Dust Bunny Protector. Stop by and see what she likes on her salad.

Update: Donna has featured a site in her journal that more of you might like to discover. Go to:

Add yourself and watch the mushrooms sprout.



lamove04 said...

You & Bon should be snoozing by now!  

& btw, the 15-year-old was a trip...


queenbigo said...

Yeah, what are you two still doing up at this late hour?  Matter of fact, what am I doing up?  All I wanted to do was check my email and you got me hooked on another blog.  Well since I'm up, I better go visit the others you've pimped.  :)

dbp2000 said...

Hello.  This is Donna - Dust Bunny Protector.  Thanks for stopping by and for the prop.  I like that term so much better than "pimping".  LOL


jcrazytrain said...

you two have been pimped now LOL D