Sunday, October 16, 2005

Yet More Considerations

Oh, dear. Our little lacquered chest of similes is empty. We'll just have to do without.

We'd like to welcome another visitor to our breakfast nook, Ms. Tamara Gerkin, who has a bona fide website that you may want to visit.

This is Ms. Gerkin's official website.

And, because she's so nice, we're plugging Christina's journal, My Journey With MS.



ckays1967 said...

Thank you for this plug.....

how very, very sweet.



my mom's offical site:

deabvt said...

Great choices!!!!

tsgerkin said...

You two are simply wonderful for the kind introduction.  Thank you!  Please forgive me Bon and Mal, for not introducing you at my journal.  I'm still learning proper J ettiquette.  I'll go introduce you to everyone now.  

Come by any time, I make sure there are enough chairs for all of us.

Smiles and hugs,


fitzzer said...

Thx for sharing the site - her artwork is just beautiful.