Monday, October 24, 2005

I'm Shocked! Shocked, I Tell You!

You Are A: Chipmunk!

Everyone adores these cute woodland animals, known for the stripe that runs down their back. Famously timid, chipmunks will quickly scurry to the safety of their burrows if danger approaches. As a chipmunk, you eat mostly seeds and nuts, but you may sample bird eggs and insects from time to time.

You were almost a: Mouse or a Groundhog
You are least like a: Parakeet or a Duck

Borrowed from Lori, Celeste, Deanna, and probably others.

We presently cohabit with mice, as you no doubt know; we have, in the past, cohabited with parakeets, and if you have read the Artsy Essay on animals, you know my chipmunk tale. This is, as they say, a kick in the head.



jcrazytrain said...

What a Little cutie LOL D

sistercdr said...

Hey, you were almost a mouse! Yes, I'm keeping my cats at bay.

fitzzer said...

It's awesome you were almost a mouse. Chipmunks are quite adorable though!

libragem007 said...

Gem :-)