Friday, October 7, 2005

Weekend Assignment #80 - Bonnie's Entry

A young man, the first of his family to ever attend school, was sitting at his desk doing his homework. His father came up behind him, studied the papers for a moment, and then said, "Well, son, how do you like school?" "Oh, I like it fine." the boy replied. "Guess what we learned today? Pi r squared."

The father frowned deeply and said "What kind of thing is that to teach children? Everyone knows that pie are not squared, pie are round!"



jcrazytrain said...

hahahahaa that is cute and funny thank you Deanna

gdireneoe said...

OOO guys...a BIG buh duhmb buhm on that one! ;)  C.

fitzzer said...

Very cute! ~ L

libragem007 said...

Gem :-D