Saturday, April 16, 2005

Early Morning Musings

When, at some time to come, the Creator returns and calls us to account, when HESHE says, "I created you, my children. I gave unto you glorious gifts, because I loved you. I gave unto you the blessings of LIFE and a universe in which to live. I vouchsafed unto you the quality of curiosity, that you might seek to understand the beauty and wonder of MY creation. I bestowed upon you the precious present of other souls, so that you would not need to live alone. I granted you stewardship over the whole of MY beloved creation, and all that I asked of you in return was that you not take that responsibility lightly. I asked that you love, respect, and care for each other, and for those under your stewardship, and for the universe in which you exist. Now I am come to ask you - how have you done?"

How will we answer?


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mnchickluvsocc said...

A question for everyone to ponder for sure. Very nice entry.