Saturday, April 23, 2005

Why Do We Never Get an Answer?

City Confidential, on A&E, gave Rochester a kiss tonight. A wet, sloppy, corner-of-the-mouth kiss, but a kiss nonetheless.

I don't sit around thinking up "interview" questions, but City Confidential got me to thinking. Here's a question:

If you could be assured of keeping it, for how much money would you be willing to go to prison?

Something I worry about:

The 9/11 hijackers were able to enter flight schools to learn what they needed to know to be able to commit their atrocity. What other types of establishments, possibly this very weekend, are unknowing hosts to others of their ilk, teaching things that could be used to subvert our security? I would like to think that our security agencies are considering the possibilities, but with the political shenanigans going on in Washington, I'm not exactly sanguine about it.

Speaking of political shenanigans:

Why is it that what are being called, in some quarters, ultra-conservative right-wingers, believe that there are enough voters of their persuasion that they can practice arrogance with apparent impunity? I allow few things to raise my blood pressure, but politicos like Tom DeLay and Bill Frist (sorry, Cynthia) really roast my chestnuts.

Tom DeLay accuses Democrats and the media of attacking him. Let's see: DeLay is a Republican, and Democrats are not Republicans. What can those Democrats be thinking? As for the media: when they discover something newsworthy, they can either sit on it or report it. If you were a reporter, what would you do? That is, after all, their job. (And I notice that DeLay hasn't actually denied any of the reportage.)

Here's a website that has to make you think:

(Brandie, Albert, you're not going to like this site; I doubt you will, either, Cynthia.)

Bill Frist has apparently decided that the path to political salvation (there's an oxymoron) lies through "people of faith". That term, of course, is in actuality a very narrow definition, but, handily, it appears to encompass anyone who believes in a Creator. Are you, as am I, personally offended at these code words that some of the politicians are tossing about with such abandon?

When radical theocrats attack us for attacking them, all the while attempting to force their religious and political agendas on the rest of us, the body politic is indeed infected with a serious disease. Where is the cure?

Moderation, compromise, bipartisanship. These used to be the panaceas that kept our political system healthy, but virulent, apparently immune strains of political viruses seem to have rendered them ineffective. Do we need a new drug?

     Why do we never get an answer

     When we're knocking at the door

     With a thousand million questions

     About hate and death and war?

     'Cos when we stop and look around us,

     There is nothing that we need,

     In a world of persecution that is burning in its greed.






queenbigo said...

I don't think there is enough money to talk me into going to jail.  Think of all the cool stuff I'd miss out on!  

I worry about future attacks daily!  I'm just waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Big O.

sistercdr said...

Until this year, Bill Frist was a Republican I could tolerate, more conservative than I preferred, but he seemed to make an effort to stay fair, but he's blown it with me noe.  I've always written and emailed my representatives and senators.  Lately, the responses from Frist haven't even acknowledged a disagreement on the issues.  Needless to say, my faith drives my politics, and by Frist's standards, I'm either not a person of faith or a patriot, and I disagree on both counts.