Thursday, April 28, 2005

The Yellow Rose of Texas

Well, more like a shrub.

Those ophidian eyes. That supercilious smirk. That whiny tone of voice. That charming mispronunciation and those endearing malaprops. Our beloved president must be holding another of those frequent news conferences that he enjoys so much. I watch attentively, hoping to pan some nugget of substance from the river of fertilizer that spews from the TV screen. Alas. Once again, I am bitterly disappointed. Oh, well, Survivor's on. Later.


mnchickluvsocc said...

Yes, needless to say I was counting the hour down until Survivor was on. I only half listened to his news conference. He kind of reminds me of a non-stuttering Elmer Fudd. :-p As you probably know or can guess, I voted for the other guy. ;-)


queenbigo said...

I usually walk away from his speeches twice as confused as when he started.  I sometimes think he probably does too.  You know what, he should have a reality series.  Wouldn't that be a trip?  The Real West Wing.  At least you'd know when he'll be on tv and can plan your tv viewing accordingly.  Instead of him popping up for no good reason and throwing monkey wrenches into your evening.  He should be so glad he can't run again because he would have lost my vote tonight.  Yes, this is the crap I remember.  

Big O.

lamove04 said...

At first I thought it was another chapter in your Mouse Novel which, by the way, are there Clif Notes to?  --Albert