Friday, April 8, 2005

Things I've Found on the Way to Somewhere Else

In my continuing effort to steal "disposable time" from the general citizenry, here are a few sites for your consideration:

This one might keep you busy for days - there's a lot of stuff here:

This one is guaranteed to keep you busy for an hour or two:


This is absolutely the most deviant, perverted, warped and antisocial source of cartoons that you will ever encounter.

I'M NOT KIDDING! If you are squeamish, you DO NOT want to check out this site! However, if you're like me, here's the link:

That's all for this edition of "Serious Timewasters."


1 comment:

mnchickluvsocc said...

I have been to Ebaums world a time or two and always find something that makes me laugh. Have you seen the video of the girl in the office singing U2's Vertigo? Quite funny. :) WIll have to check out How Stuff Works but not sure about the Kill Frog one. ;)

Have a great day!