Monday, April 25, 2005

Mom, why is that man's head so . . . fat?

In my browsings thru J-Land, I discovered that Queen Big O (of The Big O's Ramblins - see link below) has compared me and/or my journal to either junk food for the brain or a sick puppy (Sigh. True genius is so seldom understood. ((Rolls eyes, waggles eyebrows and cigar.)) And if I ever meet one . . .)

Anyway, thanks (I think) for the compliment.

When I need a good dose of irony and satire, my preferred pharmacists are Keith Olbermann, Jon Stewart and David Letterman (listed in chronological order.)

In the interest of weeding out my bookmarks section, here are a few sites I enjoy visiting:

Like Cynthia, I've been reading Molly Ivins for years. It's so amazing to find a voice of sense and reason emanating from (don't mess with) Texas. If you don't already know, her work can be found here:

Scroll down and you can also find one of my favorite cartoons, "This Modern World".

You can also find Molly's work here:

For an all-out belly laugh, this is a site that I like:

And, if you like weird news, you can't do better than this:

This site is mostly for King Big O, but others who love puzzles will enjoy this:

I was going to get all mystical tonight, but I only do that when I visit the South Pole, and I'm not there yet, so I'll wait.

Good night and pleasant dreams. Peace.

1 comment:

queenbigo said...

Sweetheart, it was a total compliment!  I thought of you mostly because that night I had read that your wife said you were tasteless (I have been called that all my life!) so while I was watching this show I thought "well if Malcolm really is tasteless then he'll like this show!"

For the record, I think your writing is really smart.  It makes me think.  You bring up topics that I don't even think of.  :)  And you have a kick ass story going!  I couldn't write a story to save my life!  

Doing the "I'm not worthy" bow,
Big O.