Friday, September 2, 2005


We have been watching as much news coverage as we can, to bear witness to the shocking desolation, neglect, and inhumanity that now characterizes the Gulf Coast. Our fellow citizens are suffering through experiences that no one should have to bear.

"No one expected it to be this bad."

"We didn't think the levees would break."

"We're doing the best we can."


Of what worth are damage assessment specialists and emergency response officials if they have not planned for an eventuality such as this? WHY did no one expect this? The news shows, for a week before the hurricane struck, were offering suppositions that what did happen might happen. Was no one in government listening?

Now we know. Now we have a concrete model from which to plan for the next environmental disaster.

We, the American people, must never allow this to happen again. This can happen to anyone in our country. We have earthquake zones, hurricane and tornado zones, flood zones and winter hazard zones. If the disaster is devastating enough, any one of us, anywhere, could suffer the horrors we are now witnessing. None of us is truly safe, and we now discover what the government's response (or lack of same) might be if we do. This must not happen again.

Call your representatives and let them know that you are outraged that American citizens are being treated so dishonorably and that you expect much more from your government than the treatment that the citizens of the Gulf Coast have received. Let them know that you expect them to develop and implement disaster plans that allow of a much more rapid response. They owe us that.



fitzzer said...

I agree. The report last night said the levees were only built to withstand a level 3 hurricane. Why!?! They knew it was a volitile area and needed to be protected. Instead, our gov't sadly doesn't have their priorities in the right places.

lamove04 said...

As usual, your writing about this terrible situation makes me feel like I'm not the one thinking these things.  Thanks as always for being a sane and loving voice!


mutualaide said...

Now that's an entry worth reading!  And reading again.  Well said.  And I will follow up.