Thursday, September 15, 2005

Things the Doctor Should Be Told

(Notes from a pathetic, twitching lump)

Time marches on, and so, apparently, does peripheral neuropathy. Three weeks ago, numbness invaded my right hand and has now claimed the little finger and the side of the hand. The ring finger is partially numb.

Three days ago, I felt a pain just below my sternum. So far, it is occasional. The last time I suffered a pain in that location, I went into shock and almost died. That pain, however, was progressive. This is not.

Just a chronology in case I can overcome the repulsion of a visit to the PCP.



queenbigo said...

Malcolm, get your butt to the doctor.  Your body is telling you there's a problem.  Listen to it before it gets worse young man!

fitzzer said...

Yes, please get to the doctor! It's probably something simple like a pinched nerve and maybe GERD, but best to get it checked out. Take care my friend ~ Lori

mutualaide said...

And it's off to the ED in a ambulance with strangers caring for you...unless of course you drive to the PCP!