Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Once again, some of our fellow citizens are facing the potential destruction and loss of property and, perhaps, life. We are forced to wonder to what extent our reliance on fossil fuels is affecting the atmosphere and environment of our only home, the Earth. Must we continue to reap the whirlwind?



queenbigo said...

I heard a very smart man on the radio say the only way man would find an alternative fuel source is when all others are gone.  I am all for getting an electric car or using vegetable oil instead or regular oil.  

Prayers for those in the path.

sunnyside46 said...

how long are the poweres that be going to deny the damage that is being donw? until it kills all of us?
I am putting my Red Cross check up to finance an evacuation, I can fix the fence later!

fitzzer said...

It's so sad. I wish the "powers that be" would smarten up and start putting more into funding to find other sources, instead of gobbling up our environment. They say if it keeps up, we'll also be losing polar bears within 50 years. Breaks my heart.