Friday, September 2, 2005

The Last Word

We have said all that we care to say about the tragedy which continues to haunt the citizens of the Gulf Coast, except to say this:

Thank you to the professionals who continued to perform their duties while under the most extreme conditions of stress - the medical community and the police officers who exhausted themselves and who lived no better than the people. Your heroism will not be forgotten.

Thank you to the citizens, ordinary and otherwise, who performed search-and-rescue operations and saved numerous lives that otherwise might have been lost. Your efforts are highly appreciated.

Thank you to the emergency response personnel and the troops who are attempting to restore a semblance of normality and who are delivering desperately needed supplies to suffering citizens. You will be remembered.

Now please, please, get those people out of that hellhole and get them some help.



fitzzer said...

Great entry. It is heartwarming to see everyone coming together to help. I only hope we can get everyone out of there and give them the help they need before it's too late.

mutualaide said...

Great Entry!  Thank you for remembering all that serve selflessly.  They truly are miracle workers.