Friday, May 6, 2005

All You Need . . .


Love is caring and sharing.

Love is being apart and being a part, at one and the same time.

Love is always - always - being there for the other person in your life.

Love is caring enough to leave that last slice of pie, or feeling free to take it, because more can always be gotten.

Love is a smile, a touch, a kiss.

Love is a feast for the senses.

Love is a competition between partners to see who can do more for the other.

Love is sharing vulnerabilities.

Love is realizing that if you fall, there will be someone there to catch you, and carry you if necessary.

Love is knowing and not caring.

Love is velvet and steel.

Love is speaking without saying a word.

Love is knowing yourself so that you may know others.

Love is understanding that you must care for your partner before you care for yourself.

Love is having your own space, your own possessions, and being secure enough to share them.

Love is best at its quietest.

Love is communion.

Love is sometimes a journey from the heights to the depths and back.

Love is forgiving but not forgetful; it adjusts.

Love is one of the highest accomplishments you will ever attain, and is one of the hardest to achieve.

Love is and love shall be.

Peace and love.



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