Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Shows I'd Like to See

The Amazing Race was  . . . amazing.

Shows I'd really like to see someday:

The Amazing Pace - Teams stride from Bangor to San Diego on foot. Whichever team arrives first wins.

American Idle - Children of the filthy rich vie to see who can accomplish the least and spend the most in the time allotted.

America's Next Fop Model - Another girl crazy 'bout a sharp-dressed man.

Extreme Takeover - Whoever conquers a small, militarily backward country with the least personnel, ordnance and funds gets to rule the country.

Fanny 911 - Need I say more?

The Pretender - Whichever humbug manages to use the most fraudulent means to win is elected President.

Rob and Amber Get Divorced - a 2-hour special.

The Wimple Life - Paris Hilton and friend get themselves to a nunnery.



sistercdr said...

Malcolm, too funny!  Can I go on Fanny 911? Help, mine is flat as a pancake!  And Paris becoming a nun is a miracle beyond my imagination.

lamove04 said...

LOLOL... these are funny!  I need to add one: The Bachelor(ecch)~a completely unappealing single dude searches for love amongst a bunch of silicone-enhanced bimbos.  --Albert

mnchickluvsocc said...

LOL! Those were funny Malcolm! :) :D


fuzslady said...