Saturday, May 7, 2005

A Magic Night

The countdown to 'HP & the Chamber of Secrets' has begun. We are fully stocked with microwave popcorn, noxious cheezkurlz and our favorite beverages.

(BTW, the apple and cherry teas, using packaged dried fruit, have been tested. Subtle flavors indeed. Increasing the amount of fruit to attain fuller body would be prohibitively expensive. Oh, well. At least I tried.)

Fun fact #10:

"You'll undoubtedly be told that the sprawling Wegmans grocery in Pittsford is a world-class garden of culinary magnificence, and it is. What's long been rumored, though, and never confirmed, is that on Christmas Eve, New Year's Eve and at dinnertime most nights, local law enforcement use the swarming parking lot to test rookies' defensive driving skills and crisis-negotiation tactics with irate minivan moms."

As you can plainly see, this edifice is truly massive; almost a small town in itself. It bemuses me to consider that we live only about 4 or 5 minutes away, yet it can take us 20 minutes to find a parking spot.

Celebrities have visited this store, but the only one I can remember offhand is Cher. Before it became too difficult, I went inside this store, and the size and layout beggar description, so I won't try.

One notable event that occurred a few years ago concerned a woman who went shopping at Pittsford Wegmans with her three small children, checked out, then calmly drove to a bank in Pittsford Plaza (contiguous to Wegmans), whereupon she tried to hold up the bank. We think she may have paid too much for her groceries.

Fun fact #11:

"Another rumor: Schools use the space for driver's-ed tests, during which teens must park twice; do three loops around the lot without dinging a vehicle or customer; and speed-reverse in order to beat a church bus full of nuns from getting a space near the entrance. Also unconfirmed."

Fun fact #12:

"Just about everyone knows the eat-from-your-palm birds at Mendon Ponds Park are now so swollen with seed that they pretty much plummet from branches to your hand - but they take visiting relatives there anyway, and say, 'Isn't this awesome?'"

Completely true.

Fun fact #13:

"Then they take them to the Pittsford Wegmans and say the same."

Have Lauri Githens Hatch and I convinced you that you MUST come visit Rochester yet?

To all the ladies in the audience, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY! tomorrow.


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queenbigo said...

Well I'm convinced.  Have my room ready!  :)