Friday, May 6, 2005


(Did I just feel something move?)

 <Photo courtesy Eastman Kodak Co.

Kaver checks on the eggs. What a good father he is!

Fun fact #8:

"Enjoy lively debate? There are two topics guaranteed to set off disputes of almost Talmudic intensity for your enjoyment. Here's one: 'Which version of Hell would be worse: Being stuck for eternity on the old Can of Worms, or on Jefferson Road during the LPGA?' Listen to that, and you'll learn everything there is to know on how to get around town."

A little explication is needed: the "old Can of Worms" was a system of over-underpasses that connected the east and south suburbs with downtown. It made "over, under, around and through" sound like coherent directions. It had so many on- and off-ramps (and made a cloverleaf seem like simplicity itself) that half the time it was a gamble as to where you were going to end up. They finally 'fixed' it back in the '90s; it's still fiendish, but at least now you can be assured you'll get where you're trying to go.

We have, on the south side of Rochester, a golf course (one of 58 public courses - we LOVE golf here) named Locust Hill Country Club, where the LPGA comes to play every year. Jefferson Road is a MAJOR thoroughfare - need I say more?

Fun fact #9:

"Here's the other. Which is the best Italian bakery in town: Gruttadauria's, Savoia's or Martusciello's? When the fists have stopped flying, you'll know just where to go for bread, biscotti, pizzelles and cakes you'll want to lie down and roll in."

I hang my head in shame. I've only ever heard of Gruttadauria's; as I said, I don't hang downtown, nor am I Italian. We have a nice little bakery nearby called Leo's, and it's good enough for us.



queenbigo said...

Given the choice, I think I'd rather sit on Jefferson Road.  I hate being lost more than sitting still.  

How much longer until the eggs hatch??

queenbigo said...

Little O says you can name one Hedwig.  :)