Tuesday, May 3, 2005

Fun Facts about Rochester

Every year or so, in a giddy burst of civic boosterism, our local newspaper, the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, publishes a supplement, Living Here, to inform recent residents and visitors as to what our fair city is about.

The first page of the publication includes a series of 30 fun facts that Staff Writer Lauri Githens Hatch has put together. With her presumed permission, I would like to present 1 of these facts per day (this should keep me going for another month, in case I run out of topics upon which to expound.)

Fun Fact #1:

"Natives, fascinatingly, say this city's name like no one else: 'Raaachst'r.' If you want to blend in, send that first syllable right through the nose 'til you sound like Felix Unger clearing his sinuses. If someone makes that vowel sound even remotely like an 'O,' they're from elsewhere and think they're just passing through but eventually wind up staying. And saying 'Raaachst'r.'"

(If we locals catch anyone saying 'Raw-chester,' they quickly find themselves swimming in the Genesee.)



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