Wednesday, May 11, 2005

(Please! No More of Those) Peregrine Pictures

Well, ok. Just one.

 <Courtesy Eastman Kodak Co.

Four chicks protect the last unhatched egg (the inevitable runt of the litter.)

Fun fact #17: (remember fun facts?)

"Rochestarians eat white-hots and red-hots (aka locally made hot dogs), yet no one can rightfully say what these are made of. At barbecues, don't-ask-don't-tell regularly applies."

Rarely do I get straight lines from anyone, so thank you, Lauri Githens Hatch of the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle.

Our hots are indeed made locally, by an outfit called Zweigles. Their products are justly famed far and wide; every eatery within 50 miles of Rochester routinely serves nothing but Zweigles hots. If you haven't had them, I weep for you.

As for the ingredients, I doubt it applies to Zweigles, but I can't do any better than that immortal line from the movie 'Summer Rental':

One raccoon to another: "Don't you know what those are made of? Lips and assholes."


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