Thursday, May 5, 2005


For those who haven't seen Survivor, I'll be brief and vague. There was a betrayal of sorts during the reward challenge, and the winner of the challenge made choices that may come back to bite.

An alliance was made, and the producers chose to inject an element guaranteed to drive wedges into the Koror happy-happy joy-joy ambiance.

Next week's show should be quite interesting.

From the D&C's Lauri Githens Hatch:

Fun fact #6:

"Jazz musician Chuck Mangione is from here; but what's really wild is, almost everyone - even those for whom it would be chronologically impossible - has a story about having either watched him play a totally killer set/bought him a drink/jammed with him/seen him without his hat."

Yes! We have seen him without his hat!

Fun fact #7:

"Foreigner's Lou Gramm is also from here, and while Mr. Rock Star could have lived anywhere, he still lives here - and what's more, not in some Corleone-style compound with dobermans outside."

We've never met Lou, but he does live in the town that we grew up in, and deserted when we got married. Perhaps if we had stayed . . .

However, our one brush with greatness was having attended the same school (and been in classes with) the inestimable (whatever happened to) Wendy O. Williams of Plasmatics fame.

Peace (and rock out.)




queenbigo said...

Finally Survivor is getting good!  I think there will be more tantrums and backstabbing this year!  I thought Chuck Mangione was from Texas.  I guess because they play his music and have him guest voice on King of the Hill so much I just assumed.....oh well.  I can't say I didn't learn something new today.  :)  Only brush of fame I ever had was seeing Carrot Top jog past my house.  I saw him again later in his Range Rover.  That was about it though.  

Big O.

P.S. Tell Bonnie I said hi!

lamove04 said...

OMG!  b4i8clover doing Re:Ality TV commentary??  Am I THAT bad an influence?
;-) Albert