Friday, May 6, 2005

Just Tea for Two

Since the price of coffee has risen to the point where it might be the first beverage to orbit the Earth (oh, wait, that was Tang,) I have cut my consumption to one pot per day and am drinking tea for the balance of the day.

100 cups of coffee = 250 cups of tea (my sense of parsimoniousness is satisfied.)

Tea without accompaniment can pall quickly, so I have been experimenting with various additives. I like real lemon (not the stuff in the squeeze bottle) a lot, so that was an obvious choice. Less obvious, but intriguing, was lime. I like it, but it becomes somewhat astringent quickly, so I've been making lemon-lime tea. Quite good, actually. (I'd like to call it 'Sprite' tea, but I think there's a little matter of a trademark or copyright or something.)

I plan to branch out to apple, cinnamon-apple, and cranberry tea (and if Bonnie can locate some dried cherries, hey, why not?)

If anyone has any recipes for tea that they care to share, I'll be glad to try them out.


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