Tuesday, May 3, 2005

Nice Guys Always Finish Last

This is my first attempt at reality commentary, so it will probably be a dismal failure - but that never stopped me before, so -

Amazing Race

Our favorite old couple is gone. Long live old couples (well, stands to reason, doesn't it?) We're still trying to figure out why Gretchen & Meredith went for the 'brawn' instead of the 'brains.' (Sigh.)

Bonnie makes the observation that the detested Rob'n'Ambah don't argue like the POW & the diva. And we think it should be against the rules for a couple to avail themselves of local help in such an extensive fashion as R&A have done on at least 2 occasions.

Our last hopes are pinned on Joyce & Uchenna (Joyce ought to win based just on the fact that she lost her hair) but we've seen enough of these to figure that youth generally wins out.

One last thing: when the theme is played, one word is spoken. Now it may be due to my bad ears, but to me it sounds as if the word is 'something.' This leads me to imagine the following conversation:

Speaker of word: "Where's my script? What am I supposed to say?"

Producer: "We don't have a script. I don't know. Say anything that comes to mind. Just say SOMETHING!"

From the D&C's Staff Writer Lauri Githens Hatch:

Fun fact #2

(Related to ff#1) "Want to fit in even faster? Refer to the small private school or the college as 'Nyyyyaaah-za-rith.'"

The institutions to which she refers are known collectively as Nazareth (as in the Biblical Nazareth.) I personally have never heard it pronounced as she would have it, but I make it a point not to hang around downtown.

Be well. Peace.


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queenbigo said...

Crap crap!  I'm officially out of the AR Pool!!  Dang it dang it!  Course it doesn't hurt so bad hearing it from you and Bonnie.  She is right by the way.  I noticed that too about Rob and Am-bah.  And that girl Kelly.....well you know my thoughts on her.  Your reality commentary was very good!  

Thanks for reprinting those tips.  If I ever go to Rochester, I least I'll know how to pronounce it properly.  :)  Hugs!