Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Anatomy of a Journal (Part 3)

There are some journalistes who devote their entries to negativity, belligerence and even anger, particularly those who promote political agendas. Since I have recently acquired a more positive outlook on life, I find these journals painful and bothersome to read. Much mental energy is wasted arguing back and forth across the political divide, and no tangible resolutions can be discerned. In this journal, we will attempt to emphasize the positive and will seldom take part in criticism and vitriol. At one point, early on, I wrote this paragraph, which I had planned to use at an appropriate time, but it became unnecessary. I include it now just to indicate how I once felt:

"In my unending crusade to offend any righteous Fundamentalists or radical conservatives who may travel down the wrong webstrand and happen upon this site, and to steadfastly oppose all that for which they stand, I will, from time to time, elucidate my core beliefs. I announce this upfront so that they will not waste time attempting to discover if I am their adversary; I am. My Creator is not theirs; mine is a God of love, life and peace ... not hate, death and war. If any who read this take exception to my beliefs, feel free to vent your vituperation - know that I am vastly entertained by those who voluntarily foam at the mouth. All I ask is that you refrain from engaging in a misguided and futile attempt to sway me. My beliefs have been incubated and nurtured over a considerable span of time; they are bedrock and will not be moved."

The last four sentences still express my outlook on life and journaling.

You may have observed, despite an early statement, that my wife, "Bonnie", has begun to feature more regularly in the entries. She has gradually become comfortable with the notion of a journal, and has, from time to time, contributed greatly. She has neither the inclination nor the patience to maintain a personal journal, but she gladly shares in mine. She enjoys meeting new friends as much as I, and looks forward to hearing the alert tone and the statement "You have mail." It is a pleasant component of this brave new Internet world, one of far-reaching and instantaneous communication. You may have noticed that we now share a signature tag, because this journal is now largely a cooperative effort.

Along with the story and the Diatoms, longtime visitors have seen random graphics, puzzles, bad jokes, a few poems, and have followed (in photos!) the progression of Kodak's falcons from eggs to tentative fledglings (all five are doing just fine, btw; they have taken up residence, for now, in the Genesee River gorge.) You have also seen me engage in shameless civic boosterism (Brother Wease is well on the way to remission) and it occurs to me I still haven't finished off the '30 things about Rochester' list. Soon. 

I have, on occasion, whined about medical woes, but I try to keep mention of such to a minimum.Current events have sometimes been brought up; when we think such worthy of note, we will weigh in with our opinions. You may or may not encounter future political ramblings; we are so disgusted with all politicians just now that we don't enjoy discussing the subject.

We have enjoyed and will continue to enjoy meeting new friends online. We are thrilled with everyone who drops by and says "hi", and pleased to have the chance to peruse journals, old and new. The journaling community is most marvelous and one that we hope to remain a part of for a long, long time.


Bonnie & Malcolm Mott



oceanmrc said...

It's always full of surprises ~

lamove04 said...

Bonnie rawks!  (Hi Bonnie)  --Albert

mutualaide said...

Well, well, well.  You may feel that some are bored by reading here, but not I!  Enjoy dropping by, reading and on occasion leaving a little note.   Thanks for the insight and your efforts exploring the why's of personal journaling.

sunnyside46 said...

i found your journal again!
I am enjoyin greading it, just as I love hearing from you