Tuesday, July 12, 2005

... a pocket full of mumbles ...

Let's see. What shall I write about today? War? Dammit, Cynthia already supplied a perfect entry upon that topic. Harry Potter? Oh, wait, Queen Big O has covered that very nicely. What else?

I know! I'll post all 184 photos of our peregrine falcons! Everyone loves bird photos!

(No, I'd better not.)

Ah, Bonnie to the rescue! It's the latest ad from the infamous Village Fair. Oh, my. The steak royale is apparently gone for the season. A moment of silence, please.

But wait! A new cut of meat of which we have never heard has made its appearance. How does Village Fair do it?

FANCY JUICY LEAN                 $299

FAMILY STEAKS                  lb.

Ever ready with the macabre quip, Bonnie is wondering just which family might have supplied the 'raw materials'. (Gosh, Bonnie can be 'tasteless', too.) It looks like it's time to closely study the obituaries.

I had begun to pimp journals in this entry, but AOL ate the whole thing and I have had to painstakingly and laboriously recreate this whole entry (no small matter on a hot, humid day) so I'll do a separate entry for the pimps so I don't lose this again.


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