Sunday, July 17, 2005

I'm in Pieces

Occasionally I become mildly frustrated because I have so much that I want to write about, I can never seem to choose among the topics that I will write about. And, like any human, I am a puzzle of many pieces. So, here are 2 of my pieces:

Someday ...

 Photo courtesy of Jamie Germano, staff photographer of the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle

This is a shot of Ciara at the Rochester MusicFest yesterday (yes, I'm plugging Rochester again; I like Rochester). Ciara, Beyonce Knowles, Mariah Carey, Tiger Woods ... all are children of interracial marriage. At one time, interracial relations were against the law. People even had an ugly word for it - miscegenation. Nowadays, more people are tolerant of mixed couples, although there still exist pockets of hatred, gatherings of folks who find the arrangement unacceptable.

I believe that as more and more children are born who are products of interracial marriage, people will gradually come to accept that the color of one's skin is no determinant of one's character. I fearlessly predict that the day will come in this country when all peoples' skin color will be varying shades of brown, negating the need for prejudice.

I also predict that there will come a day when people accept that sexual orientation is a matter of genetics and not choice. They will become tolerant of marriage between men and marriage between women, because they will realize that love should be encouraged, no matter in what form love may manifest itself.

I believe that no matter what names the various factions of Organized Religion give to the Creator of us all, we do all worship the same Supreme Being. I very much doubt that there are, as the ancients believed, pantheons of gods all contending with each other for worshippers. Thus it greatly disappoints me when I see something like this. It indicates to me that Organized Religion is still more about exclusion than inclusion. Until people come to their senses and recognize that religion is a creation of men and not the Creator, the fighting and killing will continue, and negative actions will continue to be perpetrated by humans who use religion as a convenient excuse and a tool with which to subjugate and control others, because their true motivations are power and greed.

That's my preachment for today.




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