Saturday, July 16, 2005

Pottering Around, Part 2

Bonnie has told me a great story -

As mentioned, Bonnie went to Barnes and Noble to pick up Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince this morning (I guess my time was off; she must have left around 7:45) and when she arrived in the parking lot, there were approximately 15 people patiently waiting for B&N to open (they were supposed to open at 8:00 am.) Bonnie prudently sat in the car until they opened the door (life is wonderful when you feel no pressure) and she witnessed the following scenario:

Between 7:50 and 7:55, a young man (one of the B&N associates) entered the vestibule from inside the store. Naturally, the patient waiters, who had until then been placid, began to perk up, expecting the doors to be opened. However, the man produced a cloth and some window cleaner and proceeded to leisurely wipe each and every pane of glass in both sets of double doors (there must be about 80 panes.) Apparently the hordes from last night all had filthy fingers and pushed upon the glass rather than use the bar.

You may imagine the effect this had upon the waiting shoppers. They became increasingly restless and gradually began to exhibit signs of disgruntlement. A few (all of whom were over the age of 20) scowled and muttered seditiously. Luckily, the young man finally finished his task and at about 8:10, a woman emerged from the inner regions, displayed a key, and unlocked the doors. Crisis averted.




mutualaide said...

Oh, geesh, I'm such a patient person I rarely get disgruntled in a situation like that.  Tend to just figure I knew how it was going to be before I got there and well, sigh and wait.

queenbigo said...

Oh gosh.  I wish I could say I would be like Bonnie in that situation.....but I'm pretty sure I would have cussed the guy washing the windows.  "Dude, they're just gonna get dirty again!!!"  It wouldn't have been pretty.

Big O.