Saturday, July 16, 2005


Well, I finished chapter 8 of the new Harry Potter book just before lightning took out power to 4 towns (why does this always happen at the height of summer or the depth of winter? In spring or fall we could handle it much more easily). As you can see, the power's back now. Someone who lives not far from us took a direct hit to the house's electric systems and all the electronic devices were, in his word, "fried", including the computer, tvs, dvd players, etc. The poor man had scorch marks on the baseboard near the computer.

J.K. Rowling has done it again. A very good story. It's a damned shame that certain hate-afflicted people in this country can't just enjoy a good read without making it out to be something that it is not (and I'm afraid I must include Pope Benedict XVI among the afflicted.)

Lose the hate, people! The Creator is no lover of hate.

One more prop before I lose myself in magic again. Welcome to louie0768 of the journal Befuddled. Thanx for stopping by.

For those few who actually mentioned how much they enjoyed my story, I have finished a couple of chapters and I do have an outline, but lately I have been reading so much that I have little time to write. At the moment the discipline is just not there. I guess it just goes to show that I can't read and write.



queenbigo said...

Ah, reading by flashlight.  What fun.  There's always a few nutjobs who spew hate over Harry.  I firmly believe its just to get their name in the paper or on tv.  

I've been wondering about your story.  But I figured you were either working on it, or taking a break.  Breaks are good.  Except if your name is JK Rowling LOL

louie0768 said...

Hey, thank you for the Hat tip! That was very nice of you. I mentioned that I am a conservative republican but I am not an extreme...just an FYI.

My daughter is a very big Harry Potter Fan. She has read the first ones at least 7 times and is currently re-reading them in preparation for this new one...her grandparents bought it for her for her birthday but it hasn't arrived yet. The poor kid is going batty. I have seen all the movies with her and stood in those lines for an hour and a half just to make sure that we can get in on opening night.

I too agree with you that people are too uptight. As adults we read into everything and look at everything in a much different way than a child does. For a child to turn to the Wiccan religion or any other just from reading a book is the product of a parent not doing their job. Teaching that child that it is fiction, or just actors or whatever. By making such huge issues out of something that a child could care less about only makes them more curious and apt to explore. That is only my opinion though. Which I have many of...hehe