Tuesday, July 5, 2005

... there is a season ...

(This morning's theme was suggested by Bonnie)

There is a village not far from us optimistically named East Rochester, and in the village is a small village-style food market entitled, appropriately enough, Village Fair. We sometimes buy meat there because, as their legend proudly proclaims, "Our meats are freshly cut."

Since about the end of May, their ads have been featuring a cut of meat called 'steak royale', something of which neither of us had ever heard (if you have, please let us know; we're dying to find out exactly what it is. Not enough to actually buy it, mind you, but still ...) The meat is listed as $3.99 a pound, and there was included, in a few of the early ads, a small black- and-white photo of something vaguely resembling a T-bone. It was announced as being 'special.'

Two weeks after the original ad, a second appeared, slightly amended. It now advised, "get them while they last." Well, they had already lasted two weeks, so ...

The latest ad is the most bemusing, and possibly most disturbing, of all. The photo is gone, and the ad now looks like this:

Last of the season             $399             

Steak Royale                       lb.

I can do no better than to quote Bonnie:

"I didn't know meat had a season."

Now that I think about it, neither did I. So now we're both meandering around, in deep thought, humming "Turn! Turn! Turn!"

We're wondering why the steak royale doesn't "turn, turn, turn."



queenbigo said...

Hmm.....I didn't know that either.  I always learn something new from Malcolm and Bonnie.  :)

lamove04 said...

I would think you'd only be able to buy Steak Royale at the Village Faire.

lamove04 said...

...which would be right next to the Bakery Shoppe.  --Albert

sunnyside46 said...

loved this!
wishing you a happy steak season & looking forward to the hamburger fall, Marti