Thursday, July 7, 2005

Our hearts and good wishes go out to the people of London, to those who have been harmed and to those who have suffered the injury or loss of loved ones and friends. Know that the Creator cares for them.

To those who have intentionally authored such an atrocity: Know that you have committed the most momentous of sins. You have willfully neglected to tend to that which the Creator has given you, your soul. You have refused to nurture the Divine spark that the Creator has placed within you, and you have let it die. You have despised the One Who gave you life. You are the lowest form of life, lower than the unicellular organisms of the sea. The Creator will not welcome you into the afterlife, for you have much to learn and far to go.

Wishing for peace.


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lamove04 said...

As usual, your writing gives me a feeling of peace in the middle of a storm.  Thank you for putting these words out there so eloquently.  --Albert

sunnyside46 said...

I am speechless with horror at this. Hold each other close