Wednesday, August 10, 2005

... baby, you can drive my car ...

Despite the fact that Bonnie & I are growing older, and that we would like to be able to drive for as long as we are able, we do realize that at some point, it may be necessary to relinquish the privilege, as demonstrated by this story from the My Way News website:

Man accidentally runs over wife twice

Aug 10, 11:17 AM (ET)

BERLIN (Reuters) - A 75-year-old German was so shocked he had accidentally run down his wife he started forward and drove over her again, authorities said Wednesday.

Police in the western town of Bad Nauheim said the man compounded his 73-year-old wife's misery after an onlooker told him he had just run her over while backing out of a parking space. The woman was rushed to hospital and survived.

Please, older people. Watch where you are going, and look around before you put the car in drive.


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mutualaide said...

Oh, dear Lord.