Thursday, August 11, 2005

Tip of the Day #5 (and a menage a trois)

A truly useful tip for those who are bedeviled by the cruddy appearance of their monitor display (laptop screens in particular seem to attract every stray bit of fug in the air.) My screen has been coated for months by the waxy yellow buildup of nicotine fumes, fingerprints and the random spot of grease (yes, I eat with this laptop) and I despaired of ever removing the streaks of redistributed matter that a damp cloth left behind. Finally, in the last extremity of my disgust, I stupidly (but courageously) resorted to a product that I have had much success with on tv screens. Without regard for the fact that I might irreparably damage the display, I moistened a facial tissue and swiped at a corner of the screen.

The product is named 'XEROX Film Remover' (8R27). It was an unqualified success; the display now looks factory-fresh. I highly recommend and endorse this product (I can do this, I think; this is not an official publication, and I do not accept advertising [yet].) If you do a search for Xerox film remover, you will find many online sources of supply.

Menage a trois -

     1. There is a truly hilarious entry over at the journal of louie 0768. I urge you to drop by, say hi, and enjoy a good laugh.

     2. I had something for this, but my mind has gone inexplicably blank. If I ever remember what it was, you'll see it.

     3. Oh, yeah, you had to know that this was coming -

Due to the apparent inability of my proxy cache to render a clean image, this is not quite how this Diatom actually appears, but you get the idea (I haven't yet settled on a moniker; maybe I should institute a 'Name the Diatom' contest.)

May your days flow like a summer stream.



queenbigo said...

Don't you hate that when your about to blog about something and *poof* in a flash it is gone from the minds eye?  I'm convinced its the thick layer of dust that keeps the monitor together.  LOL  I've got a about Purple Fusion (cause its purple and fusion sounds really cool) or purple passion (cause its purple and passion starts with a "p")  Gosh aren't you so glad I leave these little comments LOL

louie0768 said...

Heck, I just use a paper towel damp with water followed by a dry one to clean that nasty buildup. Chances are I have to do this more than once a day as my kids and their bug infested, peanut butter crusted, popsicle soaked hands just have to, for some reason, put their hands all over my nice clean screen.

They do it to our tv screen too. Why is that!

Are you looking for a name for your journal? "Purple Haze" perhaps? Sorry, I am lost as I haven't been here in a long time, except I was last night.

judithheartsong said...

what a great post and I love your Diatom:) judi