Tuesday, August 23, 2005

... you know I need someone ...

We like to patronize local establishments when their prices are reasonable, partly because of the convenience and more intimate surroundings. We do enjoy shopping at the local grocery, the previously mentioned Village Fair.

The quality of the meat (the familiar cuts, anyway) is quite good, and the service is outstanding, along with the friendliness of the personnel.

However ... they need help in the proofreading of their ads. Herewith selections from their most recent ad:

Bonless sirlion steaks

Dunkin Hines cake mix

Shurfine faical tissue

(Bonless steaks? Bon is quite relieved about that.)

Anyone wishing for a proofreading position should apply to:

East Rochester Village Fair
(585) 586-1637
119 West Commercial Street
East Rochester, NY 14445


1 comment:

sunnyside46 said...

i like to give my dog the bon after I eat my steak