Tuesday, August 2, 2005

... (it's) like a rainbow ...

I would've liked to have loaded these without the box, but when I do that, they look murky and blotchy. At least this way they appear as they were intended to. The first is the basic solid color pattern, in the second, the colors are shaded, and in the third the black lines have been colored. If the first one is 'viewed larger', you will see the blotches begin to appear. The second and third show the shading better if they are viewed larger.

(Hey, you know I have to return to my craft roots occasionally.)

Oh, yeah, they're called 'chromatomorphs.'

(If anyone can please tell me how to get graphics to appear without those damn blotches, let me know.)



libragem007 said...

hmnn..interesting! You did that?
Gem ;-)


mutualaide said...

So, how'd you do that?  Very pretty and interesting.  Patterns always get me staring at them until it all becomes a blur.  Wish I could help with your 'blotchy' problem...no dice.