Saturday, August 20, 2005


Notions sometimes occur to me long after they likely have become obvious to everyone else. Nevertheless, I have finally realized that Diatoms, down at the cellular level, are nothing but patterns, models of symmetry and regularity. Unlike art, which generally appears to consist of seeking and yearning, a reaching outward, Diatoms represent a culmination, an attainment, a drawing inward. I have never cared much for chaos, as much as I have had to contend with it on occasion, and Bonnie and I have attempted, as far as practicable, to exert control over our tiny nook of the Universe. It is not always possible, but we try very hard. That we are compatible in this respect is one of the lucky chances of our marriage, and quite gratifying to us both.

There's no real point here; there is no possible way to generalize on the subject of how one wishes to live one's life; this is simply a small explication of our desire to seek patterns among the chaotic and complex movements of existence, and how Diatoms appear to be a manifestation of that quest.



judithheartsong said...

this is a very interesting piece. Going to read it again. judi

lamove04 said...

I think I may be more of a Chaos kind of guy... :-/

sunnyside46 said...

i think i feel better when things are kinda out of control
at least I must, i seldom try to change

oceanmrc said...

Chaos person here.