Saturday, August 13, 2005

Fun Foods

mmmmmm .......... donuuuuuuuut ..........

I think I'll have one right now! (To be honest, before I changed my answer to the last quiz question, I registered as bread - no surprise there.)

Food for thought:

Elevolution For Bread

Posted on 08.12.05 @ 9:56 pm

Brand new world for sandwich!By Michelle Cheung

This is huge news in bread talk. The British food company Hovis has invented the world’s first invisible crust! They have “discovered a way to bake a loaf without the bits you don’t like -the crusts!” Of course the company didn’t reveal how it is made, it just said they are baked with special tins. The word “invisible” makes it sound so magical, compared with “no crust”.

Just so you know, 67% of English kids dislike crust and 35% of parents cut it out. This bread will cost 25% more than regular bread.

Check out Hovis’ Invisible Crust.
Story Via

What will they think of next? This seems to be another example of "less is more."

Pizza Cones

Posted on 08.10.05 @ 11:32 pm

By David Ponce

I keep telling people that there’s more to food than the way it tastes. I just can’t enjoy a burger (no matter how delicious) that falls apart in my hands. I guess maybe I’m funny that way. Am I alone? Anyway, that’s why I think the pizza cone is the best thing since sliced bread.

As I’m sure you can tell from the picture, a pizza cone, is, well, pizza dough shaped into a cone and filled with your usual arterial cloggers. Two companies are working on this: “Konopizza” and “Crispy Cones”.

The latter is not yet operational, but will open a store in LA this fall, while the former is already peddling this stuff in places such as Indonesia, Kuwait, Spain, Greece, and New Zealand.

Story VIA Strange New Products

I would think a "taco cone" would be a lot more practical (don't even consider it; I'm going to get a patent on this idea.)


The Octodog

Posted on 06.30.05 @ 2:13 am

Did you know it’s next to impossible to get a translation from Swedish on the internet? At least, it is when you were dropped on the head at birth. If anyone out there speaks the language and can enlighten all of us, please drop a note.

I know what I know from the picture. It looks to be a great little kitchen thing from Swedish company Barndesign that turns regular hot dog sausages into little octopuses (I know it’s octopodes, and not octopi as some of you might think, but, well octopuses sounds better). It costs 199kronos, which is about $25. You can get it here. Story VIA Designboom.

This was obviously designed by someone who played with their food one too many times.


French(Freedom?)-Fry Holder

Posted on 06.30.05 @ 1:51 am

How many times have you dropped ketchup covered fries on your lap while driving? Better yet, how many accidents have you been in because you were holding your fries with one hand, eating them with the other and driving with your knee? Well cheer up, you don’t have to endanger other motorists to indulge in your fat sticks any longer.

It’s a simple holder that fits into most car’s cupholders. It has a rubber base to keep it from slipping. And the best thing? It comes with a special clip-on ketchup cup.

Goes for $10, here. Story VIA Bookofjoe.

Now this is a practical idea!


Ben & Jerry’s Euphori-Lock, for Your Precious Ice Cream

Posted on 05.30.05 @ 10:40 pm

euphorilockYou sure love your ice cream. So much so that the simple thought of someone stealing some from you throws you in a dangerous kitten killing frenzy.

That’s sad, man.

Think of the kittens, and just buy this 6$ bauble from Ben & Jerry’s. It’s a combination lock you put on your ice cream.

Here. Story VIA PopGadget.

Huh? Whatthehell?


Bacon Strips Bandaids

Posted on 04.26.05 @ 11:23 pm

baconIt’s late and I should be elsewhere. But this is irresistible.

There isn’t much to say about this. They’re bandages from Archie McPhee made to look like bacon. You get 15 per 5$ box. You figure out just how you can use them.

Check it out.

This isn't food, or remotely connected to it, but it sure looks tasty, and there is a legend that grease applied to a burn will help it to heal faster, so why not just place a strip of bacon on that wound?

All of these oddities, plus many, many, many more, can be found here.

Happy eating and good day.





mnchickluvsocc said...

That was a fun entry! Catchy especially with the "invisible crust" bread. LOL Great marketing ploy for kids. Let's see..what else? At this point in my life, I would actually fall for the gimmick and eat the pizza cone. Again, clever..especially for kids or pregnant people craving pizza such as myself. LOL

The octodog is just...goofy...again, perfect for kids. :) And I love the idea of the french fry holder. LOL


backyardblogger said...

Don't waste your time. I ALREADY have one pending on the taco cone.