Saturday, August 6, 2005

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Will logic ever prevail?

There are two sides to the debate over stem cell research. One side states that the experimentation on embryos is tantamount to murder, that human life is being needlessly destroyed.

The other side states that experimentation will lead to cures for a number of diseases that yield to no other treatment.

The disputed frozen embryos are at present in the possession of fertility clinics, leftovers from in-vitro fertilization. Should the embryos be preserved? By whom? Will organizations such as the Family Research Council accept guardianship of these embryos? If the embryos are destroyed by the clinics, what then? What of the sufferers of disease who might have benefitted from medical research? 

In what direction does the greater good (a phrase resurrected most recently in regard to the 60th anniversary of Hiroshima) lie? Does it lie with the embryos, the future of which seems, at this moment, highly uncertain, or does it lie with those whose illnesses could be alleviated or cured?

This is an excellent site to visit to gain some understanding.

There are two sides in the debate over the war in Iraq. One side states that, in order for America to be safe, we must send our sons and daughters overseas to fight and die in the struggle to defeat the radical Islamic terrorists on their own turf.

The other side states that we are killing a generation of our young people in a war that was begun, not to combat terror, but to remove Saddam Hussein from power.

That Iraq has now become a major battleground in the war against terror is indisputable, due to America's destabilization of the Iraqi nation.

Where does the greater good lie, in this case? Would our troops be better deployed at home, out of harm's way, where they could be quickly mobilized, if necessary, to counteract a threat to our citizens, or are they better off being slaughtered piecemeal by insurgents in a foreign land?

Those who fight the hardest to protect frozen embryos are also those most willing to send our young adults off to be injured or killed in a nebulous war. Is this logical?



queenbigo said...

I started to leave a comment.......but it got long.  I'll sum up with this.......I have found that the words Logical and USA do not go together.  Yes I love my country but I despise the liars who run it.  They do not represent me.

lamove04 said...

Is this logical?  



sunnyside46 said...

very good point