Monday, August 8, 2005

... the luckiest people in the world ...

Author and columnist Mitch Albom, back in 2003, wrote a book titled "The Five People You Meet in Heaven". Here is an example of a person you would not want to meet in heaven:

The last place that Bonnie and I earned an honest living was a bindery named Corporate Document Solutions (that word 'solutions' is sooooooo overused in company names), a subsidiary of Kinko's Inc. As you may imagine, turnover among the temps was quite high (must remember to do an entry on temps one of these days. It's an intriguing subculture.) Among the horde of people who filtered through our little factory was a woman of indeterminate age - probably mid-20s, but with her it was hard to tell. She was stocky and about 5'9", a fairly massive bit of flesh. She didn't work in our department, so we didn't encounter her often. On breaks, however, she would sometimes be directly behind us on the flight of steps leading down to the loading bay. We were talking to the head of the department in which she worked one day, and the topic of our conversation happened to be this woman. Matt, her department head, informed us that she used to work at a retirement home, but she had been dismissed from that job. We asked Matt why she had been let go, and he said "She had a bad habit of pushing older people down stairs."

We avoided her after that.



mnchickluvsocc said...

Oh my! She sounds unpleasant to say the least! *bites nails nervously*

(They made a movie based on the Book "Five People You Meet In Heaven". It was excellent. I will now have to find the book and read it. :) )


sunnyside46 said...

oh, my god!