Tuesday, August 2, 2005

TV Notes

I've rather enjoyed a few days away from journaling; I've been working on a graphic design and I haven't found anything crucial or interesting to write about; this stuff will have to do for now.

It's too late now for anyone who may have wanted to watch, but Bonnie, with her keen eye for life's little ironies and absurdities, has pointed out to me an interesting lineup that the History Channel ran Sunday night (why this crap is on the History Channel is beyond us, but here it is:)

5:00 pm - American Eats

6:00 pm - More American Eats

7:00 pm - Cannibals Part 1

8:00 pm - Cannibals Part 2

9:00 pm - Snackfood Tech

10:00 pm - Cereal: History in a Bowl (finally!! the word 'history' appears!!)

Can't they rerun some of their archive shows that some of us may have never seen? Except for the poorly placed 'Cannibals' segments, most of this would be better viewed on The Food Network.

(Segue) Speaking of The Food Network, last year they ran a series called A Cook's Tour featuring a chef named Anthony Bourdain. Former head chef at Les Halles in NYC and author of a few books (his first, Kitchen Confidential, is an excellent read), he traveled the world seeking unique dining experiences. He is cynical, sarcastic, and profane, and he now has a new series on The Travel Channel called No Reservations. Here is a sample of his wisdom: "If you're slower than me, stupider than me, and you taste good, tough s#!t." We urge you to watch it just once. It is decidedly different. (Around these parts, it's on The Travel Channel on Monday night at 10:00 pm & 1:00 am.)



sunnyside46 said...

my dear husband is a history channel freak. we still love to tease him about watching "the history of garbage"

mnchickluvsocc said...

"A Cook's Tour" runs on Food Network still. It is on during the day. I watched it once when he traveled to...oh gosh...I can not recall..somewhere in Mexico. I thought he was refreshing. :) :) At the end of the show they did shots of Tequila chased by a shot of hot sauce...yikes! He ate Iguana and most definitely made it known that he did not like the taste of it. LOL "Tastes like s***" is I think his words. LOL Anyhow, it is still on, just not sure whawhat time.

I missed Cannibals 1 and 2. Hubby wanted to watch it and I am not sure if he did. I went upstairs to do laundry. LOL Didn't sound like an appealing thing to learn about.


libragem007 said...

...as soon as I started reading your entry I laugh when I got to the part of tv's lineup.  Now I am interested to watch your recommendation.
Thank you!
Gem ;-)


queenbigo said...

I heard about that show on the radio.  I guess in one episode, he made some sort of slam on Rocco from the show The Restaurant.  I'll have to watch it.  :)  What was going on at History Channel??  All the food shows.....I would have thought I got the wrong channel.

ckays1967 said...

I love the Travel channel...watch it on Sunday when I am getting ready for church just to remind myself that I am simply traveling thru here on earth.


mutualaide said...

I haven't seen it, but I'll be looking for it now.  Sounds feisty!