Wednesday, August 10, 2005

... I can't remember, I can't recall ...

This is a companion piece to the story over at Queen Big O's journal. Stop by and say hello.

MEN are twice as likely as women to forget a partner's birthday, according to research.

Millions also end up in the doghouse for not remembering their own anniversary.

About one in five men (19 per cent) forget at least one special occasion a year - be it a birthday, anniversary or Valentine's Day - compared to just 10 per cent of women.

And although men blame pressures of time or stress at work, the study suggests women may simply be better at reminding themselves of dates, whether by calendar or diary.

The survey of 1125 adults by the online greetings card service found women spent hours finding the right card for the man in their life.

But men hate trawling through card racks and pick the first suitable one they find.

Male absent-mindedness is not easily forgotten by women.

The survey found 14.5 per cent of men said they were "made to suffer" for not remembering a special date while only 4 per cent of women got the cold shoulder from their partners.

Men are mistaken if they think they can get around not buying a card by making a phone call or sending a text. Three in four women (75 per cent) said they preferred a card to any other form of greeting and they wanted a nice one, not the first that came to hand.

Two-thirds of men (66 per cent) said they did not have time to look through card racks, even when they remembered the occasion in the first place.

Only one in 10 males said they felt it was important to get a card that was unique or personal.

But 20 per cent who forgot to buy a card ended up taking their partners out for dinner to make up for it.

Male memory loss is worse, it seems, because men do not "multi-task" in the same way as women.

As they juggle families, careers and the home, women tend to be automatically more organised.

But they also have systems to remind them of vital dates, from something as simple as a calendar to an email reminder.

We men are dismally deficient in the genetic department, it seems. Maybe when the good genes were passed out, men were standing behind the door taking a leak.



queenbigo said...

Actually, I'm the one that forgets anniversaries and birthdays.  Unless it is my kids birthday.  I remember those.  Heck, one day someone asked me my age and I had to think for a minute.  That is pretty sad.  LOL  Thanks for the pimpin too!

louie0768 said...

My husband is actually pretty good with special occasions. It is when we have a disagreement that his memory lapses. lol!

But I am not really a woman that likes to receive gifts. I understand that men were 'taking a leak' when the genes were handed out however, I have to disagree that you were all absent when the 'good genes' were passed out.

I have a great man for a husband who has his moments but I too have mine. I do believe in my own opinion that men are underrated and taken for granted in too many ways. You are human, you have hearts, you love, you cherish, you do whatever a woman does and to look past that is such a tragedy and a great loss of what could be a great friendship, marriage, or any type of relationship. Some people are really missing out while doing all these studies.

If I could take a leak like a man, I would be the happiest woman alive!!!!!!!

sistercdr said...

I used to joke that that Y was a broken X, but since I like the results so much, I gave it a rest.  As far as I'm concerned, forget the card, I don't care about it.  Do something to make my day a little nicer.  Thanks for the link.

mutualaide said...

I just had to laugh at some of those statements.  I guess I got lucky!

libragem007 said...

Gem ;-D