Friday, August 19, 2005

Tip of the Day #6

As I grow older, I find that things that used to come easily are less so now, such as the ability to mentally multi-track. I need to concentrate on a single task rather than attempting to do 2 or 3 things simultaneously. Case in point:

Monday I was leisurely reading email at the kitchen table. The coffeepot is within reach of my right hand, for ease of refueling. I began pouring a cup of coffee, became engrossed in an email, and somehow forgot to stop pouring until both my lap and the laptop were covered in hot coffee. The situation might have been considered patriotic - red skin, blue language, white face. The lap is recovering, the laptop ... not so much. The keyboard on the old laptop is shot, although it can be used for functions other than typing characters.

One phone call later, we now possess a new laptop. It shipped the same day I ordered it, astonishingly enough. I had forgotten how much setup goes into readying a new computer for use; it took all evening yesterday to input programs and such, but at least we are online again.

I have also discovered that there is such a thing, at least in my case, as online withdrawal. Fortunately, my fix came quickly.




1 comment:

ckays1967 said...

There is absolute withdrawl....

complete withdrawl....

thankfully I was far too busy to notice at camp.