Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Am I Good, Or What?

Hi. Bonnie here. I'm not above blowing my own horn, so be prepared for a tantara.

You'll remember that in the post A Survey Like None Other the other day, I quoted Dorothy Parker, "What fresh hell is this?"

Well, today in Scott Adams's Dilbert strip, the first panel included this quote. And, on Countdown with Keith Olbermann tonight, Keith used the quote.

All I'm saying is,

Scott Adams and Keith Olbermann read our blog!

Good night, and good luck.



thinkingoutloud said...

Well OK then!

I'm impressed and that's not easy:)


sunnyside46 said...

it's amazing the ripples you can make with a stone thrown into a pond!

jcrazytrain said...

Maybe they bodyrev too LOL TOOT away Bon :O)) D

fitzzer said...

Woo hoo - that's awesome!

louie0768 said...

Well, there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with blowing your own horn when it deserves to be tooted!!!! Congratulations and you know what? It don't surprise me. You two have a great thing going here!!!!!!

Come visit my new blog--although I don't have any new entries up yet. Too tired from all the transporting of my other stuff....ugh!!!!!

ckays1967 said...

I really do adore you both...and I will not stop reading you.

not at all....even if I do stop using my AOL....it is something I had been toying with for 6 months anyway......this was the final shove.

mutualaide said...

Toot away Mary!  An old saying of my dad's "toot your own horn, no one is going to toot it for you!"