Saturday, November 19, 2005

A Fine Whine

This is the season that brings with it every nasty little bacterium, germ and virus that shares our living space. Normally, they don't bother us much, but lately, either because aging has weakened our immunity or because more sick people are transmitting more of the little buggers to others, we have been feeling low and really, really lousy. (We would normally say 'shitty', but we don't want to get into the habit of being obscene, profane or vulgar just because we're on blogspot instead of ... ummm ... what was that ISP again? Oh well.)
Anyway ... if you happen to be sick, you know, if you're sneezing or your nose is dripping, if you're coughing, if you have a sinus headache, STAY HOME. Don't trudge off to the grocery store to breathe on other poor souls, and don't pass your unwelcome little present to your co-workers. And if you must ABSOLUTELY go out, then, please, WASH YOUR HANDS FREQUENTLY. Some of our stores now offer moist towelettes (love that phrase) at the grocery cart stand to wipe the handles with, but still, wash your hands.
Thank you for your attention. This has been a public service announcement.


randlprysock said...

Funny entry but yes, I agree... people should try to stay home when sick.  We aren't people that get to do that too much.  We have to keep going because we have kids and if we miss work we'll probably have to move out of our home.  Sigh.  Florida is expensive ya know.  I bought this sanitizer instant stuff for our hands to help though.  I have one in the car too.  I hope it helps this year.  I HATE the flu thing and I think I just survived a mild bug.  So are you guys staying here in J Land?  I am.  Just was wondering.  I wasn't sure.  Sounds like you have two sites, one here and one somewhere else.

sunnyside46 said...

working with handicapped kids, I get exposed to a lot of snot.I havent' had a cold in 10 years, I was bragging the other day. Well, I suppose I jinxed myself because I came down with one of those really sloppy sneezy colds. I felt fine, but I was a walking germfest. I felt like Typhoid Mary or

fitzzer said...

Sorry to hear you're under the weather. It's just the beginning of the season too. Good advice! Although if I stayed home every time I had a sinus headache/problem, I'd never get out! lol