Tuesday, November 15, 2005


We debated whether we wanted to bother expressing ourselves, because, due to our residing in the sorry backwater of dialup, we can't see the ads that are adorning the headers of many (perhaps all) journals. But even though we can't see them, we know that they must be there.

We do not want aol-supported advertising on our journal. We pay $240 per year for this subscription, and this is a violation of our personal space.

A further outrage is the placement of these ads without any warning whatsoever. We don't care if, buried somewhere in the TOS agreement, there is a clause that allows aol to commit an atrocity such as this.

This is completely unacceptable. If you at all care about the feelings of your paid subscribers, you will remove these objectionable pieces of excrement now. Are you listening, aol??

Peace (as if).


fitzzer said...

Wow - it's even worse when you add the numbers up. For me, it's the principal of the thing. They're already making way too much money off us as it is. And for what? Bad customer service & techies..now this. And other people who aren't paying can get free e-mail, IM and journals? Why do we have to pay so much? I've been with them since '93 for goodness sake!

mymaracas said...

I seem to have missed all the excitement today. I can't update my journal, but I don't see any banner ads anywhere, and I have cable broadband. So maybe they backed off?

Still, the fact that AOL would do that to their paying customers speaks volumes.

I've bookmarked your new URL in my external browser, and those of some others who are leaving. I created a Blogspot journal once but didn't do anything with it. Maybe it's time.

So sad... there were a lot of nice blogs here.

louie0768 said...

I tried most of the day to put up my 'outrage' post and finally gave up and grew weary of AOL'S inability to get the s*** straight. I am now sitting down for what could be days worth of work that will be well worth it to swtich all my journalling over to a new blog at blogger. I don't have any of it ready but will send you along a link once it's up and running.

I am so angry with this new chain of events not to mention that for about a week and a half we have been trying to get our billing option switched and they almost turned off our account because they cannot get things correct!!! So, I am done with AOL.....too bad too becasue I really liked this little world.

Oh well, off I go to copy and paste what has become my lifes work.......

BTW...there is a boycott against AOL, many journalers are joining in. my mailbox is full of emails......

sunnyside46 said...

I hate that everyone is so upset. I took the day off to take Tom to the doc for his pre-surgery visit due to his shoulder injury. I have a little free time so I settled in with coffee and chocolate, and wow...a family reunion gone bad awaited me!