Wednesday, November 9, 2005

Stoned Again

How to tell if a stoner's been indulging ... amaze him or her with a little-known fact - you'll receive one of two responses, depending on the stoner's state:

You: "Hey, your hair's on fire."

Stoner: 1. "Oh, wow, man."

            2. "Ooooohhhh, wooooow, maaaaaaaaan."

Aging hippie's benison: "May all your drugs be recreational."

Thanx, one and all, for the good wishes, the eye tracks, the cookies and brownies. We're both as full as full can be, and "Ooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, woooooooooooooow, maaaaaaaaaaannnnnnn!"



dkb11161970 said...

yeah so i am in town yesterday morning and pick up the university's paper...whoa, dude, front page news, "denver says yes to pot" and then i came home and googled it and found that the mile-hile city is saying ok to possession up to an ounce if over 21 yrs of age...and so then i went and read the legaleze ("whereas..."  and "whereas...") and mentioned it to a few folks and they were all like NO WAY, and I was WAY dude, and zapped em the link or two and pieces of some of the articles....grins to ya, debra

thinkingoutloud said...

FAR OUT... man:)

ha ha

Take care-

fitzzer said...

Sounds like you're having way too much fun over there!

louie0768 said...

You got some of that left for us??????? ROFL.

sunnyside46 said...

I can hear Led Zepplin playing in the background

gdireneoe said...

Cookies?  BROWNIES?  And you didn't request any of MY baked goods?  Can you say...CRUSHED! ;)  C.