Thursday, November 10, 2005

Odds and Ends

Curious happenings of the week:

We had wild turkeys in our yard today! Eight of them! We've had birds of many feathers, including a couple of grosbeaks (they sing so prettily that we got out our tape recorder and captured their song), ducks, squirrels (26 at once!), chipmunks (11 at once!), raccoons, opossums, woodchucks, rabbits, mice, voles, moles and deer (5 at once!) and 1 fox, but never before have we had turkeys! Far out, man!

(And then the man with the leaf blower came along and startled them, and they faded away into the woods.)

While preparing dinner tonight, I cracked an egg into the pan and, to my surprise, two yolks were nestled in the center of the white. It had never occurred to me to ponder whether such a curiosity might even exist. Now I have to wonder what would have happened had that been a fertile egg. Would both chicks be viable and able to survive inside the shell together? Shells have slight flexibility, and this shell was of a normal size. It is hard to imagine that they could both survive without being severely stunted. Now I won't be able to sleep for considering the ramifications.



fitzzer said...

Twins! :)  Fidgi would sure love to have one of those. She loves fried eggs. I wonder if they would have hatched. Guess we'll never know.
Aren't the wild turkeys cool? I used to see them on my way to work back home. ~ L

gdireneoe said...

OOO Mal!...I 've heard something before about double's good luck or something...  Surprisingly enough, we still have our fair share of sitings of wildlife here in our little burb.  We have a HUGE resident buck that loves to bring his herd through our yard on their way to the pond.  Lovely.  You can kepp the possums though...and I'll send you mine...evil looking little buggars scare the rosemary outta me! ;)  C.

jcrazytrain said...

I haven't seen an egg with 2 yolks since I was a kid.  OK hungry for an egg now :o)

louie0768 said...

Isn't it funny....Pat and I lived out in the woods for about 10 years and had never seen a wild turkey anywhere. Than, on Thanksgiving day about 3 years ago, I had just finished basting my Turkey and we had noticed about 15 black blobs in the corn field across the street from our house. We noticed that they were moving so we pulled out the binoculars and lo-n-behold they were wild turkeys. Ugly things, I had only seen those white ones that live on farms but these ones...eww, they were Ugggggly. I laughed and thought it ironic that they should appear on Thanksgiving. told Pat we could've shot one right from our front stoop and had fresh turkey for dinner. Now they run in our driveway all the time. I like the Toms...they are cool.

hey, I have to write and entry about my animal farm now. thanks for the inspiration.

sunnyside46 said...

a double yolked egg is reputed to be a sign of fortuitous change!