Sunday, November 20, 2005

Bon & Mal's Weekly Sunday Puzzle Page

Here is the fifth installment of the J-land Sudoku puzzle (if you'd like the instructions, you can find them on the Nov. 13th edition.)

This puzzle includes the name of an energetic J-lander, and the fill-in/anagram portion has her name and the name of a piece of equipment with which she is associated (at least two of our visitors will guess this one immediately.)

And now, since Malcolm hasn't had any sleep for about 29 hours, he thinks he'll go try to get some.

May your week be filled with joy.


(Thanx to Lisa for informing us that today's mercenary corporation is kodak. Shame on them! Refuse to buy their implements of image capture!)



1 comment:

sunnyside46 said...

No clue here!
Why have you been up so long?