Friday, November 11, 2005

My Bad

We need to point the way to two other journals, because they have previously given us props:

(Look below for the links, please)

Lori has two journals currently updated - Food for Thought and More, and Purple Snapdragons. The first contains recipes that Lori has personally prepared and pronounced "not poisonous." The second is a celebration of all things Lori.

And I must not (although I did) forget Queen Big O, who also has two journals - The Big O's Ramblins and Conquering the Beast. The first contains a potpourri of whatever she likes to write about (family is right up there) and the other is about her son's struggles with ADHD.

Go visit both of these good people; you'll be glad you did.



fitzzer said...

Awww...thx - you guys are so sweet! ~ L

jcrazytrain said...

I have :o))) You have good taste in journals Bon and Mal