Sunday, November 27, 2005

Bon & Mal's Weekly Sunday Puzzle Page

(Technically this is Monday in NY - we woke up late.) Welcome once again to another edition of the weekly puzzle page. This week marks our 6th 'Sudoku' entry (for anyone who cares.) In case anyone has tried to do these puzzles and found them difficult, we're working on ways to make them easier. We now list the names of the journalers who represented the themes of the first two puzzles: Celeste and Marti. They know who they are and now you will, too. Here's the new entry: 


The name of the journaler will, as always, appear in the puzzle, and this week's fill-in/anagram portion includes her first name and her screen name. We hope you enjoy our efforts, and may you all have a wonderful week.



jcrazytrain said...

I am too blonde for this LOL D

louie0768 said...

I have been attemption your puzzles you two just run out of time in a week to make my brain work. LOL

You two create quite a challenge. Happy Monday!

sunnyside46 said...

oh no! I was in the puzzle and I ddint' do it. I missed a brush with fame! which one was it! ?sheepishly,